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existe asociación entre HPV y VB?

Biologic susceptibility to HPV acquisition and immune competence for clearance of an HPV infection
could be affected by common, treatable vaginal infections that disrupt the intricately balanced vaginal ecosystem and its innate protective mechanisms against infection and disease.
The combined odds ratio for included cross-sectional studies was 1.43 (95% CI, 1.11- 1.84, p = 0.005), indicating a positive association between BV and cervical HPV infectionOur results show evidence of a positive association between these two very common conditions, with an overall estimated odds ratio of 1.43. 
The analysis suffers from the fact that most included studies had a cross-sectional design, where data on prevalence of BV and HPV infection were gathered simultaneously, instead of over time. 
The sequence of infection is unknown and only a follow up study can determine which condition facilitates the other. 
A positive correlation between BV and HPV might be explained by the fact that sexual risk behaviour and promiscuity are found more often in women with BV than in comparison groups. Role of sexual transmission in causing or promoting BV continues to be a topic of debate, as e.g. highlighted by data in lesbians, who have a high prevalence of BV

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